Academic Year 2022/2023 - Teacher: Giovanni PICCITTO

Expected Learning Outcomes

To give the fundamental skills required to get started with analysing data and programming as a tool for solving scientific problems using Matlab. An introduction of LaTex will be also given.

Course Structure

Lectures with laptop in classroom.

Should the circumstances require online or blended teaching, appropriate modification to what is hereby stated may be introduced, in order to achieve the main objectives of the course.

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance to the course is usually compulsory (consult the Academic Regulations of the Course of Studies)

Detailed Course Content

Basic functions of Matlab 

Introduction to LaTeX.

Textbook Information

1 S.Attaway, MATLAB a practical introduction to programming and problem solving.

2 BH S. Linge, H.P. Langtangen, Programming for computations MATLAB/Octave, Springer.

3 C.F.Van Loan, K Y Daisy Fan, Insight through computing, SIAM

4 Dilip Datta, LaTeX inn 24 hours, A practical guide for scientific writing, Springer

5 Lorenzo Pantieri, LaTeXpedia, online

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Introduzione a Matlab
2Introduzione a LateX
3Analisi dati con Matlab
4Istruzioni di input-output
5Gestione dei format
6Cicli for e while
7Istruzioni If
8Generazione di grafici
9Utilizzo di Funzioni

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

The exam consists in the discussion of one or more scripts made by the student during the course in the classroom and at home, in its execution and in the eventual implementation of changes requested by the teacher. Verification of learning can also be carried out electronically, should the conditions require it.

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

The questions below are not an exhaustive list but are just a few examples