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Introduction to nonadditive entropies and nonextensive statistical mechanics


Monday 9 and  Tuesday 10 October 2017  10-12 h - Aula A



Introduction to nonadditive entropies and nonextensive statistical mechanics 


Prof. Constantino Tsallis 


Department of Theoretical Physics of  Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, 

National Institute of Science and Technology for Complex Systems of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Santa Fe Institute for Complex Systems, USA 

Complexity Science Hub Vienna




Like beauty, complexity is hard to define but relatively easy to identify. Statistical mechanics, through the use of nonadditive entropies, offers a rich path for discussing what complexity may be and how to quantify it. An introduction to the central concepts will be provided, as well as recent applications and verifications in several branches of knowledge, such as biology, medicine, economics, networks, granular matter, high energy physics (LHC/CERN). 


A quite complete bibliography is available at 


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