DFA lands in Korea

In a recent interview, on air on 18/12/2018 on South-Korean SBS-TV (min 4:16 - Korean subtitles available), Professors Andrea Rapisarda and Alessandro Pluchino (#DFA) and Alessio Biondo (#DEI) talk about their research results (published on Advances in Complex Systems) on the role of talent and randomness in determining the success of an individual. While talent (intelligence or intellectual abilities) is distributed normally within a population, it is well-known that success is usually achieved by few (for example, the statistical distribution of world's wealth is well described by Pareto's law, characterized by scale invariance). These authors then surmise that the reason of such a discrepancy is due to accidental factors. In other words, audentes fortuna iuvat.

Publication date: 12/15/2018