Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings : Info and Venue

Workshop on Quantum Technologies with Ultrastrong Couplings

Work in progress

Venue: Laboratori Nazionali del Sud INFN, Città Universitaria, Catania. 

The mini-workshop will take place at "Aula Blu" of the 
INFN "Laboratori Nazionali del Sud" (LNS), located at the University campus (Città Universitaria).
The location is about 2-3 km far from the center of the town. It is well connected by public services (Underground + shuttle bus, 
or the BRT bus) until about 20:00 pm.  

Depending on your plans we suggest either you find accomodation close to the center or to seek for the 
INFN Guesthouse (Foresteria INFN) in the LNS area close to the  campus. This latter is the best solution for a short stay.

A simple solution for finding accomodation is to use a search engine lookinf for a hotel near "Catania, via Etnea". 
For instance Hotel Agathae  or  Hotel Etnea 316 are located at 35' waltk from the campus (and close to a BRT bus stop) 
and 5-10' walk from the center. You may prefer to stay in the vary center of the town (look for "Piazza Duomo") at about 
50' walk from the Campus (Underground + shuttle bus). The INFN Guesthouse is just AT the workshop venue, inside the 
area of LNS. It is very convenient except that the closest places to have dinner are at 25' walking distance. Booking 
requires a procedure described at this link  , which we ask you to read carefully. Few rooms are available 
since scientist carrying experiments at LNS have the priority, thus we recommend to book as soon as possible.
For further informations please send an email to G. Falci or to A. Ridolfo .
And now have a look to Catania  here  and  here  .