Wed 21 November 2018

Christian Miniatura (UMI 3654 MajuLab, CNRS-UCA-SU-NUS-NTU International Joint Research Unit)

Fri 15 September 2017

Titolo: Introduction to nonadditive entropies and nonextensive statistical mechanics
Relatore: Prof. Constantino Tsallis (CBPF Rio de Janeiro, Santa Fe Institute USA, Complexity Science hub Vienna)
Coordinate: Lunedi 9 e Martedi 10 Ottobre 2017 ore 10-12 - Aula A

Mon 09 November 2015
The "III International Geant4 and GPU programming school" will be held at Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) in Catania (Italy) from 9 to 13 November, 2015. 
The School is addressed to PhD students and young researchers, interested on software. 
The school is organised in two didactic units, lectures and practical sessions on the recent software developed in fundamental physics as well as in applied physics.