Wed 16 January 2019

Understanding the interior composition of neutron stars (NS) is an important goal of astrophysics and fundamental physics. The detection by the LIGO/Virgo observatories of gravitational waves (GW) from a coalescing NS binary system, offers a novel opportunity to directly probe the properties of matter at extreme conditions. The theoretical modelling of the equation of state will be discussed on the basis of many-body theory, laboratory experiments and GW observations.

Thu 10 January 2019

Alessio Cardillo on Complex networks: structure and dynamics. Arancini offered by EPS Young Minds!

Wed 19 December 2018

On Wednesday December 19, 2018 at 12:00 noon in Aula Magna we shall exchange the traditional Christmas greetings. The Directors of all the research institutions (Sezione INFN, LNS, INAF, CNR e CSFNSM) operating within the DFA will also be present. During the event, the 2018 Giordano and Raciti Awards will be given to their respective winners. After the event, we shall have a toast together.

Thu 13 December 2018

Cherenkov Telescope Array: Exploring the Universe at the highest energies (N. Giglietto, Bari)

Wed 12 December 2018

We are experiencing an impressive improvement of microscopy techniques with achievable resolution having approached a level that makes possible to probe individual atoms. This progress has been driven by the effort to achieve a better understanding of the physical properties of materials and devices whose feature sizes are in the range of the nanometer scale. The talk will address the importance of these techniques in characterizing novel materials of interest for the future trend in microelectronics.