Alessia D'Anna

Dottorando - 37° ciclo Dottorato in Sistemi complessi per le scienze fisiche, socio-economiche e della vita - Tutor: Giuseppe STELLA
Ufficio: DFA PH3DRA Labs


Current position: PhD student in Complex Systems for Physical, Socio-Economic, and Life Sciences.

2018-2021: Msc in Physics at University of Catania 110/110 cum laude - Thesis title is: Radiotherapy-induced lung cancer risk for breast cancer: a Sicilian women-based evaluation.

2020-2021: Fellowship granted by Sicilian Center for Nuclear Structure of Matter (CSFNSM). Project title is: Relative risk assessment related to radiotherapy treatments on patients with breast cancer.

2014-2018: BSc in Physics at University of Padua - Thesis title is: Conceptual design of an energy recovery system from residual ions in the DEMO neutral beam injector.

Attività di ricerca

Development of predictive models for clinical and dosimetric procedures in external beam radiotherapy treatments