Academic Year 2022/2023 - Teacher: GIORGIO RUSSO

Expected Learning Outcomes

The course has the following learning objectives: 

provide students with the knowledge:

  • the biological effects of radiation, illustrating the basic principles of radiobiology;
  • physical and technological principles of Single Photon Emission Tomography;
  • physical and technological principles of Positron Emission Tomography;
  • of the main methods for the verification of the quality of SPECT images;
  • of the main methods for the verification of the quality of PET images;
  • Quantification of uptake in PET exams;
  • Radiomic studies. 

Course Structure

frontal lessons and experimental experience on nuclear medicine department 

Required Prerequisites

basic knowledge about radiation material interaction, and radiographic system and computer tomography

Attendance of Lessons

Attendance to the course is usually compulsory (consult the Academic Regulations of the Course of Studies)

Detailed Course Content

  • Biological Effects of Radiation
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging
  • PET
  • Processing of Medical Images
  • Radiomic
  • Quality assurance tests on nuclear medicine 

Textbook Information

The reference book is "Nuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA"

Course Planning

 SubjectsText References
1Course Presentationteacher slide
2Basic Physics for Nuclear MedicineNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
3Radionuclide ProductionNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
4Electronics knowledge for nuclear medicine scanners Nuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
5Generic Performance measuresNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
6Physics in a radio pharmacy laboratory Nuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
7Nuclear Medicine imaging devicesNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
8PETNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
9PET/CT and SPECT/CTNuclear Medicine Physics - IAEA
10Quantification in PETteacher slide
11Radiobiologyteacher slide
12Computer Tomographyteacher slide
13x ray productionteacher slide
14research activities in nuclear medicine teacher slide

Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment Procedures

Oral interview and a lecture on a chosen topic, accorded with teacher 

Examples of frequently asked questions and / or exercises

The questions below are not an exhaustive list but are just a few examples.

  • main physical and technical concept about TC, SPECT and PET scanner
  • radiotracer production and main radio tracer used in clinics 
  • quantification problems in PET
  • Quality assurance for SPECT and PET scanners