Marianna Brigitta Korsos

Assegnista di ricerca dal 27/05/2022 al 27/05/2023 - Responsabile scientifico: Francesca ZUCCARELLO
Ufficio: OACT


Education after School

21/01/2019 Degree: PhD
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
Supervisor: Prof Michael Ruderman
Title: Leap forward in Space Weather forecast: Novel prediction of flares

Degree: MSc
Department of Astronomy, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary
Supervisor: Dr Hetesi Zsolt
Title: Statistical investigation of Type Ia supernovae with Monte Carlo simulations

Research Experience

01/09/2019-present Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, UK

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
01/04/2015-21/01/2019 PhD student
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
01/09/2014-31/03/2015 Research Assistant
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
01/09/2011-30/09/2019 Junior Research Assistant
Debrecen Heliophysical Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
01/09/2010-31/08/2011 Solar Observations Support Assistant
Debrecen Heliophysical Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Professional Standing
19/07/2021-23/07/2021 Organiser of two NAM2021 solar sessions, online meeting
30/07/2020-31/07/2020 Organiser of UKSP Specialist Discussion Days, online meeting
13/07/2020 Organiser of UKSP business meeting, online meeting
01/03/2020 Organiser/founder of monthly UK Solar Online Seminar Series – UK-SOSS
Member of LOC:
AOGS 15th Annual Meeting, Hawaii, Honolulu, USA
15th European Solar Physics Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
STFC Advance Summer School in Solar System Physics, Sheffield, UK
Joint BUKS 2015 and Ruderman Honorary meetings, Budapest, Hungary

Scientific responsibilities
01/09/2021-present Supervisory Board Member, Space Weather Awareness Training Network

01/05/2021-present National Contact, European Solar Telescope Contest for Schools
01/06/2020-present Founding Member, Quo Vadis European Space Weather Community
01/09/2019-present Ordinary Council PDRA Member, UK Solar Physics community, Specialist Scientific Group affiliated to the Royal Astronomical Society
01/10/2016-present Advisory Board Member, Hungarian Solar Physics Foundation, Gyula, Hungary
In present: Royal Astronomical Society Fellow
Junior Member, International Astronomical Union
Member, National representative in the Working Group for Diversity and Inclusion, European Astronomical Society

Refereeing resp.
01/11/2021- Guest Editor, Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, Special Issue: "Radiation impact during space missions"
01/02/2021- Guest Editor, Science Partner Journals - Space Science And Technology Special Issues: ”Artificial Intelligence in Space Weather Forecast”
01/01/2018- Refereed research articles submitted to ApJ, JSWSC, FSPAS, ASR, etc..

Supervising activities
01/06/2020-present Richard Grimes, Aberystwyth University, UK, PhD project "Analysing the Rotation of Sunspots", Co-supervised with Drs Balázs Pintér and Huw Morgan
01/09/2020-present Szabolcs Soós, Eötvös Lóránd University, Hungary, PhD project "Statistical analysis of CMEs based on solar activity”, Co-supervised with Prof R. Erdélyi
01/09/2019-present Anett Elek, Univ of Debrecen, Hungary, PhD project "On the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Solar Faculae", Co-supervised with Prof R. Erdélyi

2022-2024 PI-UK (with Prof F. Zuccarello [PI], INAF-Catania; B. Luo [CoI], Chinese Academy of Sciences), “Step forward in solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) forecasting”, ISSI: The funding covers a series of workshops at the National Academy of China in Beijing and at ISSI, Bern over a period of two years 2022-24. 12 leading institutes are involved in the project.
2021 CoI (with Prof Andrew Hillier [PI], U of Exeter, UK; Dr John Coxon [CoI], U of Southampton, UK), “UKSP and MIST Zoom licenses for community enhancement”, RAS: Funding for community meetings for 3 years, GBP864
2020-2021 CoI-UK (with Dr J. Chen [PI], PI, NAOC, CAS; CoIs: Profs Petrovay, ELTE Hungary; Deng, Dir, Huairou Solar Observatory, CAS),” Monitoring and Forecasting the Source of Space Weather & Space Climate”, CAS, CYN100k
2019 PI SOLARNET Mobility visiting Prof Francesca Zuccarello, INAF-Catania, GBP3000
2016 PI “Open Research Program of National Astronomical Observatory of China”, Visiting NAOC Bejing, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), GBP5000
2016 CoI (with Dr P Keys [PI], U of Sheffield; QUB: Prof Mathioudakis; Drs V. Henriques, D. Jess; U. of Sheffield: Drs C. Nelson, G. Verth, Prof R. Erdélyi), ‘Identifying MHD waves in quiet Sun magnetic elements’, SOLARNET SST, 7 days observing time, Spring 2016. Visited SST, La Plama for observing.
CoI (with U of Sheffield: Mr Sharma [PI], COIs: Dr Verth, Prof R. Erdélyi), ‘Dynamics of quiet-Sun spicules: A multi-wavelength perspective’, SOLARNET DST, 2016, 7 days observing time

2017 Young Scientist Award - IAUS335 2nd prize
IAU International Space Weather Symposium, UK
2016 Women in Science Excellence Award - Space Physics Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Scientific Outputs
23 refereed papers: e.g. Nature Phys. (2021), 2xNature Astron. (2021a,b), 8xApJ, 3xJSWSC, …
First-author papers: 13 out of 23 (See the attached list of the publications)
> 50 Scientific oral presentations at seminars, conferences, posters
PhD 2019; h-index: 6; i10-index: 5

Attività di ricerca

Studio dei fenomeni precursori dei flare solari ed effetti dei fenomeni eruttivi sullo Space Weather