From theoretical physics to Big Data

Big Brother has a face, but it's rather the gentle and smiling one of a Big Sister: Giovanna Miritello. After graduating (MSc) in Theoretical physics at #DFA, Giovanna Miritello continued her doctoral studies in Madrid. More recently, she landed in London, where she works for Vodafone in a research group dealing with big data associated with mobile traffic. Through the analysis thereof, performed using the methods of statistical physics, one can draw insight into the dynamics of large cities as diverse as London or Madrid. Giovanna's hope is however that of applying these techniques back to the places where she comes from, such as Catania. Going abroad means not fleeing away, Dr Miritello states in a recent interview to the local newspaper La Sicilia, but was rather a choice: «I've received an excellent education in Sicily. It had obviously to be perfectioned with my doctoral studies in Madrid, but the basis which I've received in Italy were quite good. Moreover, the programme in Physics in Catania is one of the best. Even though I am not concerned with pure and theoretical physics any longer, I've got acquainted and actually fell in love with the analytical basis of statistical physics and scientific method at the University of Catania». Giovanna Miritello is co-founder, in 2014, di DataBeers, a non-profit and open community whose mission is to become a summit for professionals and students inside the scope of Big Data and Data Science

Publication date: 12/17/2018