Manlio De Domenico to be awarded one of the three Young Scientist Prizes in Statistical Physics 2019

By trapping bacteria on a chip, Giampaolo Pitruzzello developes a new method to test antibiotic efficiency through #biophotonics

Dr Lucia Oliva obtains the important scholarship with a project on quark-gluon plasma physics

Heat is not equal for all, as Simone Russo states on Nature Communications

Giovanna Miritello, MSc in Theoretical physics at #DFA, works now for Vodafone in London as a big data analyst

Filippo Contino and Carlo Branchina win the Raciti and the Giordano Award, respectively.

Congratulations to Dr Dr Giuliana Di Martino, MSc in Physics at DFA, University of Catania, and former pupil (now Alumnus) of the Scuola Superiore di Catania, who received a conspicuous research fund for the laboratory she directs on plasmonics at the University of Cambridge, UK. Dr Di Martino is presently a Winton Advanced Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge.

PhD thesis in Physics from Catania selected for publication by prestigious Springer Theses Series

After obtaining his MSc and PhD in Physics from the University of Catania, while a pupil (now Alumnus) of the Scuola Superiore di Catania, then postdoc

In a recent paper by Roberta Sinatra, published on Science, statistical physics and network theory help understanding how an artist's reputation gets established.